In order to be able to permanently accompany our customers wherever they are and with whatever technical challenge they are facing, we keep tight connections to our various partners.

  • For direct contact anywhere in the world we have long-year global sales partners.
  • For access to new motivated engineers and exciting development projects we keep a close relationship with local universities.
  • For intensive interaction about markets and trends we are very actively involved in our professional association in Germany.
  • For keeping up a modern and individual machine park we are in permanent discussions with machine and tool producers.
  • For following the vision of a sustainable and energy-efficient company, we regularly consult with specialized institutions for different projects.
  • For realizing crazy ideas and smart impulses we collaborate with young technological start-ups.

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You not only need a customized clutch or brake for your application, but also a special gearbox? Then contact our longtime partner, Chemnitzer Zahnradfabrik GmbH & Co. KG.

Our partnership is based on the shared principle of being more than just a supplier of drive components for our customers. Between 1890 and today, Chemnitzer Zahnradfabrik has developed from being a lathe manufacturer to becoming a specialist for customized gearboxes and complex gearing parts. As a problem solver and consultant, it accompanies its customers from an initial concept, through product development and prototype production, to the delivery of a gearbox ready for series production. Just like Maschinenfabrik Mönninghoff, it is an important technology partner for many companies that are world market leaders in their respective product areas.

Without exception, every gearbox delivered is unique and customer-specific. Through the consistent use of the wide range of operating principles, the optimum technical solution can be found for every individual application. It is then manufactured and assembled in the production facility in Saxony, with a very high level of in-house value added. In order to be able to meet the extraordinary quality requirements, state-of-the-art production technologies are used, for example for the high-precision grinding of complex bevel gears. Meanwhile however, there is still a high level of competence in conventional machining, especially needed for batch size 1 production.

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