Upgrading our excellence

Our expertise, built up over decades, is being upgraded through digitization. Technical interfaces are made possible by networking our drive technology with the other components of the application.
Smart communication of precise mechanics.


Energy efficient and reliable

The entirely new concept for our M1 electromagnetic tooth clutch is based on an innovative, patented retaining device. Consequently, we achieve energy savings of up to 99% while providing 100% switch position security.


Voice-coil actuator - infinitely precise

Mönninghoff voice coil actuators are highly dynamic linear drives corresponding to the individual force and movement demands of your application.


Service as sophisticated as your application

As the complexity and required availability of our customers’ systems increase, so does their value. We feel committed to offer substantial services in order to protect and preserve this value.


Your challenge – our competence

One of the strengths of Richard Mönninghoff and his company has been the ability to keep pace with the rapid mechanisation of the mining industry. We have remained faithful to this principle for 100 years by continuing to address the issues of our customers.


106 years in motion

Our innovative drive technology is designed for customers who place the highest demands on their own products. Their benefits and satisfaction are the focus of our business. All of our efforts are geared towards these goals. This has been true for a hundred years now.



You can count on us!
On site and in person.