Going green

The economic structure in Germany is characterized by a strong industry, which has a significantly higher impact on the environment than the provision of services.

Maschinenfabrik Mönninghoff is also part of this industrial value creation and therefore we actively try to integrate sustainability into our corporate strategy and philosophy.


In our new building, in addition to our high architectural standards, we have not only thought about process optimization, but also about energy efficiency.

A geothermal system extracts thermal energy directly from the earth, enabling us to heat or cool the building sustainably depending on the season.

This is also linked to the modern ventilation system installed in our production and assembly halls. It combines exhaust air technology with indoor ventilation-technology and drastically reduces exposure to emissions and heat. This enables our employees to work with a constant indoor climate and filtered air. The absence of temperature fluctuations also has a major impact on the quality of our products.

The new building also means that we are now self-sufficient in terms of power supply. The roof of the production hall is equipped with a large photovoltaic system, which primarily serves the high power consumption of our machinery.


As part of our ongoing efforts to avoid plastic waste, we have taken a big step forward, especially with regard to our packaging.

In order to pack sustainably, we no longer use VCI plastic bags, but ship our products in VCI paper. This is a high-quality kraft paper with excellent corrosion protection properties. This material is not only easier to dispose of via waste paper, but also protects the product without grease and oil. In addition, it is marked with a RESY sign, is ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 certified and also TRGS 615 compliant.

Our clutches and brakes are then protected in the carton not by filling material made of Styrofoam chips, but by a variant made of solid cardboard.

We have also found substitute products for the document and delivery note pockets as well as the parcel tape, which can be easily recycled with the remaining paper waste.

In addition, we are also trying to successfully convert more and more customers and suppliers to reusable packaging.


If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement regarding "Mönninghoff going green", please let us know. For this you can contact our shipping department via goinggreen[at]moenninghoff.de any time.

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